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After years of serving you and other patients I have decided to close my active medical practice effective


October 14, 2016


Accordingly I am also closing my practice permanently.  I will no longer be able to take care of your medical

needs after this date.

There are a few ways to obtain your medical records if you like:


1) Please come to my office on or before this date.  You will need to complete an authorization.

    Once complete you can obtain your records in one of three ways:


    a) You will be provided with a paper copy of your medical records

    b) If you bring in a brand new, sealed USB stick, your records will be provided in electronic form as an unalterable PDF file.

    c) You can request your records be faxed to a new provider


2) We can also mail you your records.  In order to do this you will need to request an authorization from our office.

    Once completed and sent back to our office you will be sent a copy of your records for a minimal charge, typically $25


3) Please note that for all of my active medical patients, almost always the day that you had been seen your notes had been faxed to

    your referring providers so they will already have your records.


After October 14, 2016 you will need to request your records by mail.  This will be a more cumbersome process since they will have

to be obtained out of storage and therefor there will be subject to what the custodian of my records charges plus mailing and

handling fees.


If you need help in selecting a new physician you may call your health insurance provider to determine who is taking your insurance.


Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for trusting me to participate in your care.  I hope I have provided to you as many blessings as you have provided me.


Dr. Samuel Coor

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